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Our Customers Love Our Work And So Will You!

We take great pride in our work and it shows. Just take a look at some of the praise we've received from our customers.

R. Eitner - San Antonio, Texas
"After trying to file a claim on my roof for hail damage, I was told by my insurance adjuster that I would have to settle for a repair. My neighbor referred me to Statewide Roofing. Statewide roofing called my insurance company, and explained that after their thorough inspection, that the roof warrants full replacement. My insurance company agreed to do a second inspection, and I let them know that a representative from Statewide roofing would be present. I was amazed at the professionalism and the knowledge that Statewide represented. Within 30 minutes of the second inspection, I was told by the insurance adjuster, that they were replacing the entire roof. Thank God for Statewide roofing! If it weren't for them I probably would have settled for the patch job!"

T. Flanagan - Dallas, Texas
"During the first initial inspection, my insurance company only wanted to replace the front slope of my roof and the west side of the siding. After paying years and years of premiums, my thought to myself, "How can this be". A huge patch job would only devalue my property and look like hell! I decided to call Statewide roofing. Their representative explained that the state of Ohio is a full match state. And that the roofing from line of site, had to match as well. They used their resources and technology to provide documentation to my insurance company, that the siding and roofing on my home was no longer being manufactured (basically discontinued). After providing this information to my insurance company, they agreed to replace all the roofing and siding on my home. Thanks to the team of Statewide roofing, and their expertise in the handling of my insurance claim, my house has been fully restored! Not patched!"

K. Goodrich - Houston, Texas
"After filing the claim on my own, and representing myself without a contractor, the insurance adjuster approved me for new roofing and siding. After calling several retail contractors, I was told that the repairs could not be made for the amount of money the insurance company was allowing. After seeing Statewide roofing's yard signs throughout my neighborhood, I decided to give it one more chance and call them. Their representative explained that market prices are increased monthly, and pricing is adjusted per city. Obviously, the adjuster inspected my property, had not been current with the most current pricing in my community. Statewide roofing provided a detailed itemized estimate, and forwarded it to my insurance company. They approved the estimate, and to my unbelief, the project was approved. I now have the money to put my home back together."

S. Malloy - Austin, Texas
"We were very pleased with our roof replacement, as well as the painting that was done inside of the house. The job was spotless each day. We would not hesitate to refer Statewide roofing to our friends and family. Your company is not only trustworthy, but the workers you have are polite, professional, and true craftsmen. We were pleased that you were able to help expedite our claim. We did not want to deal with the insurance company period! Thanks for taking the pain out of our claim!"